The 7 C's of Courting During the Quarantine

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Relationships can take a toll when you have to spend so much time together during a quarantine season. There's a saying, "absence makes the heart grow fonder" but if there's no absence than how do you make the heart grow?

Well, as I was scrolling through Facebook, like many of us are doing lately I came upon a Facebook live video where Pastor J.L. Simpson gave such a great teaching on the..."7 C's to do during the CDC (Courting During Corona)". Here's how to make the heart grow even during a quarantine.

1. Communicate: you might be thinking how do you communicate with someone who's in the house with you all day? I'm glad you asked. Remember those love notes or texts you used to write when you first started dating? Well, continue that. Check-in and see how each other is doing. Post a note on the bathroom mirror. Or send a sexy text.

2. Cook: I know, like who cooks in this century! Search for a recipe that you both can cook together. Let him put an apron on too. Take a selfie in the kitchen together. Make it fun.

3. Clean: It's ok for a man to wash the dishes while you mop the floor. Do the chores together and when you see how fast you get it done, you can make time for other fun things.

4. Celebrate: Make a "just because" day and celebrate that. Turn up. Get lit together. Or just sit down and inspire each other with a list of positive things to say to each other. Edify each other daily!

5. Collaborate: Yes, it takes a team in relationships and there's no "I" in team. Get together and work on your life goals, future vacation plans, and even your wills.

6. Cherish: It's only you and your spouse, even if you have kids. Do not waste time on petty stuff and cherish each moment together. Forever is a long time!

7. Conjugal: (married folks) Get jiggy wit it :)

Cheers to many years of happy courting each other, through the good & bad!

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