My 7 Favorite Podcasts to Listen

Picture this: You arrive at the airport two hours early to find out your flight has been delayed. What do you do? Podcast to the rescue.

You have everything you need for your travels. From your backpack to all of your paperwork, all organized and put away in your favorite suitcase. You find out when you arrive to the airport that your flight is delayed. Grab some coffee. Find a comfortable seat (Good luck) and place your headphones on. Here are my favorite podcasts to listen to when you want to be inspired or even motivated while you wait:

  1. InTouch Ministries with Charles Stanley

  2. Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer

  3. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

  4. Oprah's SuperSoul

  5. TED Talks Daily

  6. Show Up For Your Life with Andy Henriquez

  7. The Marie Forleo Podcast

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