9 Ways to Connect to Your Inner Child

Show of hands how many of us adults wish we can go back to our childhood days? Don't all raise them up at once! I know I do. Those were some good ole days. Not a worry in sight. No bills to pay. Just eat, play, potty, and sleep. Who says we can't reenact those days! hmmm!

Here are nine ways to connect to your inner child.

  • Playing frisbee. The streets were our playground and our friends were our neighbors. We even invited some dogs to run after the frisbees so we wouldn't have to.

  • Playing with a dog. If we didn't have a dog in the home, which more than likely we did, we would run to our neighbor's house to play with their dogs. There's something mentally soothing about playing with animals.

  • Throwing rocks. Now, I think we all did this. Run to the nearest lake or ocean and see how far the rocks can hop on water.

  • Dancing. I still do this, especially when I'm cooking. But how many of us thought we were going to make it to Hollywood with our dance moves? Our mirror was our best friend back then.

  • Water pistol fight. I was raised with brothers so this was the norm in my home. If there were no plastic pistol there were water balloons.

  • Kicking piles of leaves. It's the reason why Autumn is my favorite season. To drink hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows and kick leaves.

  • Throwing paper darts. MHM. Ya'll know who you were when you used to grab tons of straws and fill it up with paper and spit it out onto someone's head.

  • Pillow fight. This is still ok to do by the way. Just grab as many pillows as you can and start a' swingin'.

  • Throw popcorn. Don't tell me some of ya'll still do this. This is the reason why I sit all the way to the top seats of the movie theater. The trauma :)

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