8 Ways to Bring People Joy

It's so important, nowadays, to make sure we bring every human being some type of peace and joy to their lives. It doesn't matter if you live different lives, or whether you're from different parts of the Earth, you will find that making someone's day will actually make your day as well.

Here are eight ways to bring joy to any human being!

Make them feel important. Now if you are the type of person that "life revolves around you" then this may be a little hard but it is doable. Just pretend that every person you come in contact with is the most important person in your life.

Make eye contact & Smile. These days this one thing is truly hard because everyone's face is always on their cell phones. The worse feeling in the world is when you come up to someone you love to talk to and they immediately speak to you and rush to their cell phone. Whenever you come up to someone make eye contact and always smile.

Make sure you get their name right. There's nothing in the world so uncomfortable than when someone gets your name incorrect. Especially if you are just meeting a person, make sure you get their name right. This is a part of making them feel important.

Make sure they know you are available/unavailable for them. Whether it's through a good voicemail, email footer, or even text signature, make sure that the people that are important to you know that you are always available for them. And also make sure they know when you are unavailable as well. It's ok to say no.

Make sure you listen. As someone who has worked in the mental health field, one of the most important aspects of providing the best service of mental health restoration is to listen. It just takes a few minutes to give your attention and listen to what another person has to say.

Make promises and keep them. Don't let people down by not keeping your promises. Do what you say you will do.

Make sure you keep them informed. Whether you have good news or bad, keep the people that are important to you informed. When someone feels a part of your life they have a feeling of belonging.

Make sure you adapt to them. Whatever is going on in their lives make sure you adapt to what they are going through. It's so important to relate to people to make them feel important and a sense of belonging.

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