6 Ways to Start a Business with a Virtual Admin

pic by Wix

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "What is a VA and how do you help others?"

A VA (Virtual Admin) is an independent contractor who provides administrative services virtually to busy entrepreneurs who either do not have the time or just don't like the detailed tasks.

Here are six ways a virtual admin can help you start a business:

  • Register your business: whether it's a Sole Proprietorship or even an LLC; a virtual admin can assist in helping you research a business name, and fill out the paperwork within your state.

  • Create a Business Plan: if you're thinking of starting a business, growing a business, and have the interests of investors it is vital to have a business plan in place. A VA can assist you in creating and organizing a well-thought-out business plan.

  • Form Creation: a business will need a lot of forms; from invoices, sales lead tracker, intake form, confidentiality agreement, contracts, and much more. Delegate these tasks to a VA.

  • SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures): you never want to leave a business without detailed steps on how you run it in case you add partners or if anything happens to you. Creating an SOP will leave the next person prepared in helping you run your business successfully. A VA can assist in creating your SOP's.

  • Social Media Platforms: let's face it, many businesses are running on many social media platforms and a VA can assist you in managing your platforms including creating your posts and automation.

  • Website: if you want to increase the credibility of your organization, it is vital to have a website. A VA can assist you in creating and forming your website for everyone to see the products or services that your business provides.