6 Types of a Team Player

Have you ever thought about what type of team player you are? Are you the one who likes to challenge people all the time or are you always contributing with your ideas?

Here are six types of a team player.

  • The encourager. This is the person that when the team is out of order, the encourager gets them back on track.

  • The gatekeeper. This person makes sure everyone is treated fairly on the team. No favoritism.

  • The info seeker. Want to know who is that person that always ask so many questions and love to share their ideas? that is the info seeker.

  • The contributor. The person who always adds value to the team whether with their ideas, experiences, or valuable content.

  • The challenger. That one person who always counters the way everyone else thinks or acts. This person will either challenge you to be better or makes you look silly.

  • The organizer. Yup, this is me...I am her...I will help you keep you on track with your schedule and time. My desk will always be organized. You will never miss an appointment or meeting.

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