6 Tips to Exercise More...

I don't know about you but I hate exercising. The thought of going to a gym and just watching people act like they are trying out for WWF just makes me cringe. One thing's for sure, I could never do it alone. I can commit if I have an accountability partner.

Here are six tips that will help you exercise more.

  • Exercise with someone. Having an accountability partner removes the excuses. They help you stay committed and help reach your goals.

  • Pay up front. You know when money is involved there's more commitment.

  • Buy nice equipment. Sometimes you feel good when you buy a new pair of sneakers.

  • Listen to great music. This could be a distraction because if a good song comes on I'm dropping it like it's hot. Ok, well at least warm but you get it. Pop on those headphones and listen to your favorite song or create a workout playlist. Spotify has some of the best workout music.

  • Log your exercises. I've noticed that when I have my Fitbit on I'm more committed to getting in those steps. There's plenty of apps that you can download as well to help you log your exercises.

  • Try new exercises. If you're like me, I get bored easily. Trying different exercises daily will make it fun and exciting. Something to look forward to. One of my favorite YouTube channels to get my fitness on is PopSugar Fitness. Their exercises range from Zumba, HIIT to Cardio.

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