6 Steps to Rock an Interview

If you have been laid off from a job or just starting a new career, you may find yourself in an interview soon. Interviewing for a job can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking, but if you are well-prepared with an updated resume and have practiced interviewing yourself, then you are well off to a great career.

Here are six steps you can use to rock an interview and ace this new job.

1. Do Your Homework

Prepare before an interview so that you can be able to respond to the following questions such as, how can you add value to our company or why should we hire you? If you do not know about the company or their needs, then you will not be able to respond well to their questions. Do your research and find out; what is the mission of the company, what services or products do they provide, and what are they looking for in the position you are applying for. When you are knowledgeable about their company, and how you can add value, they are going to view that as someone well-informed and interested in the position.

2. Practice Interviewing

Practice interviewing yourself or with someone else. Do a Google search on the most asked questions in an interview and write them down along with your responses. Partner with someone or get in front of a mirror and practice how you will respond. Also, if you are a note-taker, write the questions down on flashcards and the responses on the back to help you memorize. And always make sure you have at least three to four questions to ask the interviewer. This will make you look like you can think independently.

3. Check Your Body Language

If you are slouching down or leaning towards the side, this will show that you are bored and have no interest in the job. Make sure you are always having eye contact with the person who is asking you questions and sit upright. Also, never speak negatively about your previous employers. By doing this, it will show that you are not a loyal person. A company looks for loyalty as high quality in an individual. Remain positive in everything you say and do during the interview.

4. Listen Carefully

Being a great listener is another quality that a company looks for in an individual. By listening to what the interviewer has to say you can decide what is needed in the position. Paying attention to detail is a great skill and can be used as a strength.

5. Relate to the Position

When they ask you, tell me about yourself, do not give them a life story. The interviewer wants to hear how you will add value to their company and resolve the need in the position provided. Therefore, it is important to know what the company’s preferences and requirements for the position are so that you can relate to being the person they are looking for to fill the position.

6. Have the interviewer share Your interest in wanting to find out more about the company will show that you are encouraged about working for them. This also shows that you will bring positivity to the culture of the company.

Once you are prepared to rock the interview with these six steps, your questions, your professional look, and your positive attitude, you should be able to ace this new job.

Interviewing Tips by Careercc!

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