6 Main Items to Put In a Self-Care Kit

It is the month of love and it is a fact that besides Mother's Day, Valentine's Day is the day with popular gifts. From flowers to chocolates or even spa days, this one day is taken out of the whole year to show your love how much they mean to you. But what if you are single? Don't single people get to celebrate Valentine's Day as well?

Well, in our Sis 2 Sis video chat we gave some amazing tips and resources that single people or even married can use to celebrate Valentine's Day. It's called (((drum roll))) Self-Care! Including making your own Self-Care Kit! You can create a kit to keep in your car in case you have a bad day at work and you can also keep one in your home.

Here are 6 main items to put in your kit.

  • Journal - jot down your thoughts, ideas, and concerns.

  • Writing Tools - practice writing your autograph for when you become famous or write a story.

  • Essential Oils - Lavender is good to release the anxiety. Roll some on your wrists and behind your ears. Breathe it all in!

  • Book - take 15 minutes to read your favorite story. Check out the book of the month on my home page. I couldn't put this book down. (affiliate product)

  • Tea - when you want to veer away from caffeine, tea will help you go about your day and even soothe your stomach.

  • Lotion - there are some great lotions that not only smell good but will put you at ease.

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