5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety during Public Speaking

When I was told to speak at a conference many years ago, I felt like I was going to die. I'm an introvert so public speaking is not what I like to do. I learned that preparation had a lot to do with how well I will do. As the time came near I felt like my hands were sweaty and my heart rate was racing. I knew that this conference was really important and that I had to speak in front of a lot of diverse people.

Here are five ways to reduce anxiety during public speaking.

  • Practice. Train before you speak. One great tool is to do this in front of a mirror. Have flashcards prepared for what you will speak.

  • Tone. Vary through your training. From how well your tone is to work through the mistakes.

  • Visualize. See how you are looking and sounding in front of a mirror. Check to see what level your confidence is.

  • Simulate. Before you speak and before the people arrive, walk the room. Get a feel for how the room is and get familiar with the technology that will be used.

  • Associate. Be laser-focused and the best way to do this is by striking a power pose before you speak. Take a few deep breaths and maybe do a few stretches.

Do you want to know the ice breaker I used to overcome anxiety before my presentation? I asked everyone if they wanted to take a selfie with me and it was the hit of the show.

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