5 Ways to Read Digital Books While Quarantined

Our world is going through huge chaos as I'm writing this blog post. Many are being quarantined in their homes. Businesses shutting down while others work from home. This is hard for many people who struggle with change and this being our "new" normal. On the flip side, families are gathering together and playing board games, children are learning to communicate online with their teachers, and communities are reaching out.

There are many ways to combat boredom while at home. One great way is to...Read. Yes, grab books and magazines and just fill your mind with knowledge and a new imagination. Even though your library may be shut down here are 5 ways you can read while being shut-in.

1. Libby is an app where you can connect your library card and read hundreds of ebooks and audiobooks.

2. Kindle is a cloud reader where your purchased books from Amazon are stored and you can read anywhere from any device.

3. Hoopla is another app where you connect your library card and borrow movies, music, digital books and more.

4. Scribd is like having a library in your pocket. From music sheets to journal articles, this platform connects millions of people to amazing stories.

5. Open Library an archive database where you can find millions of books from when they were first published to where you can purchase them.

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