5 Ways to Become a Great Listener

Oftentimes we may have a conversation with someone and find that in the end, you have listened to less than 40% of what they have said. This could be because your mind has wandered to what's for dinner or to the chaos going on in our lives today.

Now, more than ever people are looking for someone to take the time to sit and just listen. Here are five ways to become a better listener.

Specifics. Listen to details and counter them back to them. This not only shows that you have listened but that you also have paid attention to the most important aspect of the conversation.

Understanding. When you sit and listen to someone look for the bigger picture. Try to understand not only what they are telling you but how it is impacting their life.

Opinion. Take in all that the person is saying and by their motive create your own opinion. Share your opinion with the other person, good or bad, this shows you are not only a great listener but also someone who is trying to give a different perspective.

Signals. When someone is talking to you, don't only listen to what they are saying but read their non-verbal signals. Body language can give away a lot of details.

Empathize. One of the greatest characteristics of a great listener is empathy. When you can relate to someone it makes them feel like they are not alone.

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