5 Things You Must Know About Me

Yes...Pizza is my favorite food! Yum!

Pizza is my favorite food...anything Italian!

Blame it on my grandparents (RIP). They taught me everything from entrepreneurship to how to break bread with your clients. It was always Italian foods every day after a long business day.

Skittles (red bag)

I blame this one on my youngest child. I've never seen anyone love Skittles so much until I became addicted. It's a great pick me up in the afternoon.


I have so many books it's crazy. OK, maybe not crazy. I've always loved to read since a young age. My introverted self loves the smell of a new hardcover book. Although I do have hundreds of Kindle eBooks as well.

Must Love Dogs

My family has always had animals in our homes. From parakeets to guinea pigs to dogs. I am a total dog lover.

Hate Small Talk

You will only lose my attention through small talk.

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