5 Stages of Grief

Many of us have gone through different stages of grief. Some a loss of a job, home, or car while others a loss of a marriage or a loved one. What we often forget is that in order for us to move forward from grief we need to go through all of the stages. It's OK not to be OK.

Here are the different stages of grief that I have learned through my own life experiences and personal development training.

  • Denial. Oftentimes we do not want to admit the truth of the loss because we do not want to confront the mixed emotions. Denial is the first stage of overcoming grief. Time will help you come with the truth of the loss.

  • Anger. It's ok to not be ok when there has been a loss in your life. For some of us, we have experienced various losses. If you need to scream or swing at a punching bag, it's ok.

  • Bargaining. The third stage to overcome grief is coming to terms with the loss. It's not the easiest thing to do but with courage, you will come to an agreement on the loss. Once again, time will heal the grieving process in your life.

  • Depression. One of the mixed emotions that you will feel is sadness. Sadness for the loss, sadness that it is no longer a part of your life, sadness that it is out of your control. It's ok to go through this stage in order to heal from the loss.

  • Acceptance. The last of the stages is accepting the loss and moving on with your life. This doesn't mean that the loss is forgotten, it simply means that the loss doesn't control your life. You are ready to move on.

I'm not an expert or a grieving counselor, but I have experienced plenty of grief in my life and have gone through all these stages to overcome it. You will too!

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