4 Ways to Master The Art of Saying "No"

pic by Unsplash

There are many times that we find ourselves weary and tired, especially when we want to do it all. You know, save the world and such! Until you get to the point where you can't even think straight. Time flies by you. I mean do you remember what day it is today? Mhm! When's the last time you've checked your voicemail? When's the last time you've checked your emails? If you answered, five minutes ago, you are on the wrong path. Schedule and time yourself in checking these items only about twice a day so that it will not consume most of your time.

We often exhaust ourselves trying to do it all instead of just saying...NO! Here are four ways to master saying No.

1. If anyone has a request from you, ask them to send it to you via email. You are not required to be stuck to your phone or respond to every notification (tip: shut those notifications off). It's ok to receive an email instead. This is also a great way to weed out the people you are trying to keep away from.

2. When a request comes in, ask if there is a deadline for completing such a request. That way you can prepare and make sure you can complete the request on time and at your convenience.

3. If you believe you cannot commit to such a request, it is ok to say NO!! I would rather know whether I can commit or not before taking on any project or request.

4. Before accepting any request ask if you need to complete it now or if it can be done at a later time. Time is of the essence!

Cheers to having more time to live and not grow weary!

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