4 Ways to be Nicer

I know. It's hard these days to find the nice in people. So many individuals seem so irate and stressed out that they don't realize their attitude is feeding onto others. But there is hope! It starts with you!

Here are four ways to be nicer to others.

  • Be a great listener. Most people are just looking for someone to vent to. Many of us are too distracted with our cellular devices that we don't take the time to just sit and listen to others.

  • Offer to help others. When you help others you are also helping yourself. Helping others provides a sense of purpose.

  • Give praise. It's ok to tell another person how good they look or what an amazing job they did at work today. You will make someone's day.

  • Thank them. Even for the simplest of things, just thank a person. By thanking others you are recognizing them and being grateful.

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