4 Ways I'm Losing Weight During the Pandemic

It is difficult when you are stuck inside your home working, homeschooling, and living during a pandemic. As easy as it is running to the fridge or pantry to eat every five minutes. This situation will not only cause overweight but also can be a dangerous road to follow.

I, on the other hand, have been losing weight during this pandemic. Although I have been working at my job throughout this pandemic, the days I was able to work-from-home were very difficult. Not only due to the distractions of the highly attention-getter four-legged fur babies, but also because I was grabbing so many snacks and things to eat. Here is how I changed that and the reasons why I'm losing weight:

  • Green Smoothies. I have been drinking green smoothies for over a year now. It all started in July of 2019 when I began a "Green Smoothie Challenge." I have been on it ever since and I love it. It helps me get in my fruits and veggies and, it keeps me cool from this heat. It also has improved my health in many ways.

  • Workouts. When I can, I make it to the gym to row, use the weights and treadmill. Though I get bored doing the same routine, I have come upon "PopSugar Fitness" on YouTube. Workouts in the comfort of your home for every type of person. From beginners to advanced, they have Zumba, HIIT, Cardio, and much more.

  • Sleep. Although it is difficult at times to try to sleep during this chaos in our world today, taking naps whenever you can during the day is also important for your health. I try everything from Ocean Sound Music to create a spa-like space.

  • Portions. I have always kept a healthy eating regimen, but every now and then a good pizza is just that...good. The secret is in portions. I eat kid-size meals. I do not eat to get full, I eat to get nutrition led.

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