4 Ways a Manager Can Run A Successful Business

I recently read an article by Cindy Phillips titled, "What are the duties of a Manager in the Workplace?". Phillips with more than thirty years in the corporate arena mentioned that there are four ways a manager can run a successful business. Let's look at those ways.

1. Staffing

Phillips states that a manager’s responsibilities in acquiring great staff would include creating job descriptions, placing advertisements for the open job positions, reviewing incoming resumes and completed applications to interviewing prospects, hiring and firing. Other tasks, depending on the size of the business, would include payroll functions such as tallying work hours, calculating pay, processing checks and tracking vacation time and personal or sick time off.

2. Communication

For employees to be efficient in their job they need to be aware of the mission and goals of the business and what is expected of them to achieve positive results. Therefore, managers must have the ability to take directives from upper management to then translate them to the staff so that everyone is on the same page as well as resolving conflicts, motivating the employees, being the face of the company and maintain customer relationships.

3. Training

She says that a manager’s responsibility should be to schedule an initial orientation and any training that pertains to the job of the new hire. This will help in evaluating the progress of the employee as well as determine whether the employee would need further training. If an employee is unable to perform their job or break company rules, managers must also decide to terminate.

4. Growth

Managers are hired to run the daily operations of the business, as well as coach the employees, maintain quality control and ensure that every product and service is fulfilling the customer’s needs. Phillips’ purpose of this article is to show for a company to reach its goals, it is up to the manager to make the necessary adjustments to lead the company to success. She establishes these four categories in an informative and educational tone for business managers that are looking into running a business.

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