3 Things That I'm Really Good At

It's not only about what's in my daily schedule that's important. Personal happiness is vital in our daily life. When I start my day right it ends right!

Today on my #52listsforhappiness I had to "list the three things that I'm really good at" @sasquatchbooks @mooreaseal

How many of you find it difficult to always look for the good? Especially after having so many people tell you, you ain't good enough or you're not worth it.

We all have gifts given to us, not for us to use or for others to take advantage of but to serve. Serve our family. Serve our friends. Serve our community. It took me a very long time to even think of only three things that I'm good at. But once I started...

Here is my list so far:

🌺 singing 🌺 listening 🌺 organizing 🌺 creative 🌺 writing 🌺 cooking 🌺 research 🌺 administrative 🌺 planning

Take the time to sit down and journal your list of what you're good at and celebrate it. 🥳👏#youmatter #youareworthit #youareenough

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