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A Lil About Me:

My focus is to empower others to be their better self; that is what motivates me. When others come to me with their problems, I try my best to give them advice, but I always look for a solution. I am inspired in helping others, because when we help others, we are helping ourselves.

If I can change the mindsets of people to be their better selves, encourage them to open up and communicate their emotions, all while supporting them in their life journey, a lot of lives would be changed. 

Reading is one of my favorite a lot of books! I have over 300+ physical books and 100+ eBooks. I read most genres but my favorite are novels!

My favorite candies are Skittles (the red bag) and Candy Corn (the Brachs brand). I love to cook for my family. When all my kids are together, it is such a fun time!
The purpose of this blog is because I love to write. It gives me an outlet for my so-called Introverted Person :) {She will come out every once in a while although hibernation is her thang}

I love to inspire others to follow their true purpose. We all have greatness within us, having the right people to help us access that will make us powerful people. (Psalm 71:21)​

I'm not an expert in anything, just an experienced lady who loves green smoothies, candy, and dogs. When I'm not out walking my Sheltie named Luna; I'm trying to facetime my grown kids (wish me luck)! I've raised 4 of the most amazing human beings on this planet.

I hope through my writing I can bring someone joy, peace, hope, and most of all..."Amorr" (Love)


All Things Carmenable!

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