Carmen Troche (tro-shay)

Loves Virginia Beach, VA!

A mother of 4 grown human beings!

A #proudMoM of 3 Marines!

A #dogMom to Luna!

Loves Road Trips! 

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A Lil About Me:

I love to a lot of books! I also love Skittles (the red bag) and Candy Corn (the Brachs brand). I also love to cook for my "familia" and friends. But the purpose of this blog is because I also love to write. It gives me an outlet to my so-called Introverted Person :) She will come out every once in a while but hibernation is her thang!

And yes....I'm a Jesus freak (I think that's the correct term) I love to praise & worship my King! I'm still the "church girl" from high school decades ago :) 

I'm not an expert in anything just an experienced ole' lady who loves people, candy and dogs. When I'm not out walking my Sheltie named "Luna", I'm trying to facetime my grown kids (wish me luck)! I've raised 4 of the most amazing human beings on this planet. Three of them are protecting our freedom as U.S. Marines. #Oohrah #proudMamacita

I hope through my writing I can bring someone joy, peace, laughter and most of all...Amorr!!


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